A list Of Few Online Casino Games With Overview On Their House Advantage

A list Of Few Online Casino Games With Overview On Their House Advantage

March 3, 2016 Default 0

Every casino game is designed to have a built-in house advantage which is taken from a portion of the casino player’s wagers. This implies that casino players are bound to lose a certain percentage from their wagers based on the percentage of the casino’s house advantage on a specific casino game.

Recognition of the built in house advantage in every list of casino game commonly played online is important in order for a gambler to expect how they could possibly lose from the casino by virtue of the online casino game’s house advantages and learn to elude playing online casino games that can decrease their winning odds.

It is advisable to online players that they should avoid playing casino games with a house advantage of more than 3%. In order to provide casino players an idea which casino games have a high and low house advantage here are some of the most commonly played casino games online and their average house advantages:

The game of online roulette is of two types: French and American roulette. The main difference is the presence of the double zeros in American roulette in contrast with the single zero present with French roulette.

As the roulette ball lands on a single zero no bets win but the players are able to retain half of their bets thereby giving the game of French roulette a house advantage of only 1.35%. But with the presence of double zeros in American roulette game, landing of the roulette ball on the single and two zeros will entirely forfeit the whole amount of the player’s bet. This gives the game of American roulette a house advantage of 5.26%.

The low house advantage in blackjack is obtained from good decision making of a blackjack player. But there are times that a blackjack player often makes a wrong play decision that increases the online blackjack house advantage to 3%.

Online casinos often use different deck of cards with their online blackjack which also creates a different house advantages. Online casinos get a house advantage of 0.3% from a double card deck, 0.5% from a four card deck and 0.6% from a six card deck.

The online casino stud poker is another variant of online poker with a higher house advantage of 16.6% when played with improper strategy. But clever online players who are able to pull off a good poker strategy on this type of poker game can play against a lower house advantage of only 2%.

Online casino players are able to gain better advantage upon taking the time to review the average house advantage of the common lists of casino games frequently played online. This will provide them good chance to play online casino games that can be more profitable to them due to the lower house advantage to play against.